Please note that due to weather and seasonal variations, what we can offer will change, and prices may go up or down.

Picture of Vegetable Boxes

Our organic vegetable boxes are a selection of our seasonal Tillingham grown vegetables, the contents varies each week.

Please note that occasionally we may not be able to supply the exact contents listed due to circumstances beyond our control.

Picture of Mushrooms

Chestnut Mushrooms grown in Capel St Mary, Suffolk.

Picture of Lemons & Limes

Both zest and juice so versatile; frmo marinades to baking to liveing up a cold glass of water on a hot day.

Picture of Free Range Eggs (non organic)

Free range, non organic, eggs from Stonefield Farm, Langham, near Colchester, Essex.

The chickens roam large grassy paddocks, they happily go out whatever the weather!

Picture of Chilli, Garlic, Ginger & Fresh Herbs

Freshly harvested herbs & a variety of chilli peppers grown in our polytunnels.

Tillingham grown.

Picture of Fruit

A selection of seasonal organic fruit. Uk grown where possible.

Picture of Salads

Seasonal salad crops, freshly harvested.

Picture of Vegetables

Seasonal vegetables grown here on the farm.